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Cancel Culture Curse by Evan Nierman

In a groundbreaking first, cancel culture and its core elements are clearly defined, and a convincing case is made against this fundamentally un-American practice.

Cancel culture is an insidious force in society today. In the seconds it takes to make one regrettable social media post—or wind up on the wrong side of a false accusation or misunderstanding—reputations, relationships, and careers are destroyed. Have we entered an era when people cannot make mistakes; where no apology or change of heart can ever deliver forgiveness? 
Making a comeback used to be a celebrated American ideal. But have the roads to redemption been permanently blocked by internet mobs seeking vengeance? 
In The Cancel Culture Curse, global crisis manager Evan Nierman and his colleague Mark Sachs examine the impact of cancel culture in today’s media-driven world. The authors also explore the history of cancel culture and the trends that have fostered it, defining the telltale elements that are hallmarks of such campaigns.

Nierman and Sachs provide fascinating case studies and interviews with well-known victims of cancel culture, including philosopher Peter Boghossian, Mumford & Sons cofounder Winston Marshall, and “San Francisco Karen,” among others. Also featured, is a playbook for rebounding from public shame, helping readers avoid becoming the latest targets of “cancel vultures” who enjoy picking apart the remains of those left to die on the side of the Internet highway. 

Cancel Culture Curse by Evan Nierman

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