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Our Shared Traditional Values

At Armstrong Williams Book Club, we are passionate about cultivating a community of avid readers and lifelong learners, transcending political boundaries and embracing the power of knowledge. Our mission is to foster intellectual growth, critical thinking, and open-mindedness by providing our members access to diverse, high-quality literature based on the merits of the content, rather than its political agenda. 

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The Club. 

Armstrong Williams Book Club offers the ultimate book-reading experience for book lovers of all ages and is the perfect place for discovering new books with timeless values while saving money.  

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Join the Club! It's as Easy as Signing up for One of Our Subscriptions or Redeeming a Gift Subscription.

Step 2

Armstrong Williams Personally Selects a Book That is Thought-Provoking and Reflective of Current Events.

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Keep An Eye Out for Our Monthly Book Pick to be Delivered Directly to Your Door!

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Featured Books:

Crisis in the Classroom

Dr. Benjamin Carson, Benjamin Crump Esq.,

Armstrong Williams 

Crisis in the Classroom presents the unvarnished realities of poor educational outcomes, a topic that is frequently missing from the headlines, and how these have led communities and generations of future leaders to descend into poverty and devastation. 


"One thought scares me: we teach our children what we wish them to know; we don't teach our children what we don't wish them to know."

- RICHARD DREYFUSS,  Academy Award Winner


The Real RFK JR.

Trials of a Truth Warrior

Dick Russell

An epic biography filled with drama, conflict, and surmounted challenges.

The Real RFK Jr. is an intimate biographical portrait examining the controversial activist's journey from anguish and addiction to becoming the country's leading environmental champion fighting government corruption, corporate greed, and a captured media.


Written by his longtime colleague Dick Russell, the biography also exposes the misconceptions and explains the rationale behind Kennedy's campaign to protect public health.  

Members Can Purchase Additional Books for Discounted Prices

Book Club

Meant to be Shared.

We understand the power of books and the connection it brings. Our monthly book club provides books that spark curiosity and meaningful discussion so that your shared reading journey can bring you closer to those in your life. 

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